20th - 23rd March 2018
Portsmouth, UK
Focus Day 20th March

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Focus Day Stream 3: Anti-Submarine Warfare

Optimising Assets to Dominate the Underwater Environment

With the increased likelihood of force protection from coast lines Navies are paying particular attention to ensuring their defensive, tracking and prosecution systems are ahead of their foes. Commanders attending this focus day will have an opportunity to explore this area in more detail.

This focus day will take place 20th March 2018 at Underwater Defence & Security 2018. Agenda highlights include:


Whether on the sea bed, ship or standoff system sensors are the key to finding, identifying, tracking and at times prosecuting targets. Processing power has reached a point where previously ideas can become reality including laser tracking and IFF systems and this session will analyse where most progress has been made regarding sensors.


As nations aim to acquire both standoff and organic capabilities, maritime aviation has become the critical asset during a time of changing priorities. Air assets can enable constant deterrence via greater range, speed and accuracy when providing surveillance to hunt enemy submarines. This session will analyse how ASW can be enhanced via air systems.


With an increasing number of countries owning submarines there is a developing trend towards remote controlled, networked and robotic technology that can find, identify and track targets. This session will identify some of these new platforms, the technology to find them and what steps countries are taking to acquire these capabilities.

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All serving military and government personnel will receive free entry by registering online. Passes include access to all sessions during the meeting, as well as entry to the exhibition and networking breaks.