20th - 22nd March 2018
Portsmouth, UK
Focus Day 20th March

Organised by info@tdnuk.com +44 (0) 1245 407 916

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Global instability is focusing the lens of Underwater Defence and Security operators firmly on the operations of submarines and the risk of mines. The move away from land operations is creating a need for countries to develop their sea basing intent and capabilities. Failing to keep abreast of these developments could have dire consequences.

Underwater Defence & Security 2018 returns for its 6th year. The main 2-day agenda highlights include:


The likelihood force projection from the sea has increased more so in the past decade that at any point since the Cold War. As Navies analyse their ability to protect their Flag Ships whilst ensuring ship-to- shore operations, delegates will discuss how submarines can be deployed, as well as MCM and ASW missions, to ensure freedom of movement in access denied areas.


Off board, remote, unmanned and autonomous technology present opportunities to either supplement or replace conventional systems and increase capabilities. Over 40 countries now operate some form of this technology and this session will analyse some of these platforms, whilst considering their potential impact on the underwater battlespace.


As the complexity and frequency of subsurface programmes increase, innovative solutions are required to keep the surface community at the top of their game. To fully exploit the underwater domain, Commanders must have a deep understanding of more than just topography, temperatures and salinity. This session will explore the path to ensuring protection of surface assets.


Recent events have highlighted the effects of diminishing numbers of MPAs/ MPHs, resulting in Fleets being vulnerable to surveillance and ultimately attack. This session will examine how aircraft can continue to be a key contributor for ASW and surveillance.


Forces that have both the capability and intention to disrupt allied activity is driving significant interest and investment in technology developments. Innovation is increasingly being sought from industry and this session will attempt to merge the requirements of the military with the ideas from industry.


Unmanned technology is high on the list of priorities for those looking at Naval capabilities, but full operational dependency is beyond the reach of many aspiring to effectively hunt and track submarines and helicopters continue to be the preferred organic option. Consideration must be given to how they are prepared for underwater warfare; are they fully protected from attack by adversaries and are they evolved and ready for combat.


As the complexity, frequency and threats of subsurface programmes increase, innovative solutions are required to keep operators in underwater warfare need to be at the top of their game. The final session will collate themes identified from the past three days and suggest ways forward for enduring Fleet survivability.

Download the agenda to view the full programme and confirmed speakers.

All serving military and government personnel will receive free entry by registering online. Passes include access to all sessions during the meeting, as well as entry to the exhibition and networking breaks.